Bone Tooth Brush Toy*

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Now there is a toy that is both a toy and a tooth brush!
It's soft texture is designed to be comfortable for your pet's gums, and made so it won't hurt your pets and helps them to clean their teeth and protect them from oral diseases.
1. Comfortable and durable with a conveniently designed shape to ensure proper utilization and effectiveness.
2. No longer do you need to chase your dog around and trying to clean their teeth.
3. The spikes vary in sizes and angles, helping to grind off any plaque or tartar that has accumulated on your pup's teeth.
4. 360 degree all round teeth cleaning on 4 sides and fit comfortably in your dog's mouth.
5. The soft bristles on the balls protect your dog's teeth by massaging the gums of your pet.
How To Use
1. Squeeze toothpaste into the bone from the hole on the top.
2. Give it to your dogs to chew under your supervision 5 to 8 minutes each time.
3. Easy to clean with the cleaning brush stick , recommended to brush your pet's teeth for no more than 8 minutes each time.
4. Easy to clean with the small cleaning brush stick that is included, please ensure you clean it every time after using to prevent bacterial growth.
2 sizes available, 2 colors available.
Need toothpaste with this? Get it here
*Please allow extra time for delivery.